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📸 Tamara Pieńko

Opera 'SYRENA' by Alek Nowak / AUKSO chamber orchestra

This is one of the most incredible project I have been involved. The prominent figure of the XXI century polish composition Alek Nowak invited me for premiere realization and recording for PWM label of his latest opera entitled „Syrena” with outstanding AUKSO chamber orchestra. A lot of atonalty, fast dodecafonic fhrases, noise. All of this saturated with impressive voice of three opera singers. Extraoridinary experience!


The latest album of Popiałkiewicz entitled “Nada” was released on November 3, 2017, with which he defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Articulation techniques of rock guitarists on the ground of jazz music”. This album is not only a powerful composition and technical virtuosity achieved by years of draconian practice. This is a rare combination of jazz idiom, rock sound and expression, and a broad approach to composition inspired by polyphony and classical music. All this strongly saturated with Slavic melody. Popiałkiewicz admits that in writing the music for this album he was inspired with the idea to create art at the highest level, with a high degree of complexity while maintaining the melodious appeal that also attracts the average listener. He drew on various achievements of the history of music while simultaneously capturing the present through its typical means of expression.

Documentary: Muzyka i takie takie (pl)

I present you my new project: documentary about music and art throughout history. This is the first episode about comprehension of music in ancient Greek world. Unfortunately only Polish version.

Project was impelented with the support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Essay: Why am I an agnostic (PL)